Wednesday, 3 June 2015

New projects

I have at various points in my gaming life owned small armies for pretty much all GW games and army books. However these days I am down to 2 main armies. I have 15,000pts of Spacemarines (my own Chapter, The Argent Sons, and about 5000pts of WHFB Warriors of Chaos//Beastmen.

I am, unfortunately, disenchanted with WHFB at the moment though and am actually looking at selling on my Warriors for funds for my new project for WH40K: Cult Mechanicus/Skitarii.

I bought a box of the Skitarii troops this weekend and instantly fell in love with the kit.I have always enjoyed the fluff for mechanicum too as the warped morals and belief structures regarding humanity and machines strikes a chord with me.

Below is are a couple of quick photos of my first painted skitarii Ranger Alpha. This is the test piece for the paint job. As always my armies are painted for tabletop use and not to win any awards so it's not amazing by any stretch of the imagination.

Monday, 13 April 2015

An Introduction

I'm sure how to write an introduction on one of these things. I never know where to start.

My names Dan. A mid-thirty something wargamer, table-top roleplayer and LARPer. I'm based in the UK and work for a Solar Inverter Manufacturer. Its not the most exciting of lives but it's mine and I enjoy it.

The plan for this Blog is to post about my hobbies and to track my progress with my painting.

Currently my army of choice is GWs Space marines, for WH40k. I'm upwards of 12,000pts of them now and still going strong. I plan on starting and completing a couple of new projects this year and occasionally just buy and paint a pretty looking model just for the sake of it.

Tabletop wise my local group have recently started a Dark Heresy Campaign. I've been table top roleplaying for a good few years now and have played only a few systems in this time. 

LARP wise I am involved with both the Lorien Trust Gathering system as well as Profound Descisions Empire system. I've been LARPing since I turned 15 and have been a humble player through to plot writer and system ref in my time. I'll be posting event updates and prop making along with little projects as we go on.

Anyways, I'm gonna call it there for the intro. I hope you enjoy the blog as it develops.